Using Quinoa As An Everyday Food.

To many people, Quinoa is a new food. However it is actually an old food in that it has been eaten for many, many years but not necessarily in Britain. As soon as more people appreciate its versatility and health benefits, it is bound to be used as regularly as rice and even the humble potato.

It is really easy to use and can be added to both hot and cold meals. It can even be used in baking. Many may ask what is quinoa? It is a type of seed or grain from the Quinoa plant that was originally grown in the Andes but can be grown in our climate. The leaves can be used in salads but the most used part of the plant is its seed. They are dried and stored as grain. They can also be pressed to produce their own oil which also has health benefits.

Using Quinoa As A Side Dish

Quinoa is a seed and as such it is an easy replacement for rice. It has its own slightly nutty taste but will absorb other flavours too. It’s brilliant with curries and casseroles and a wonderful addition to stir fry meals. Quinoa is also very filling as it is a protein with all the amino acids – so a little goes a long way.

Quinoa As A Salad Base

Quinoa can be used instead of cous cous or rice and can bring a different feel and taste to salads. It can be added to a mixture of chopped peppers, celery, and carrots, etc., to make a lovely salad side dish or even sprouted like cress. The limits to Quinoa are your own imagination rather than this remarkable grain. It is really quick to prepare and can be used in a multitude of ways.

Quinoa In Main Meals

Quinoa is a very health food option that is quick and easy to prepare that can bring stunning results to the simplest of meals. It comes in cream, red and black colours for variety. It is available as a grain, as oil, and as flakes and flour. It can be used in hot foods like stews, stir fries, in salads as a side dish or sprouted. It can even be used in baking and is a useful addition to granola. This is a “new to us” food that is going to be the latest addition to our food since the discovery of vitamins and dietary fibre. Don’t get left behind but learn to master the use of this healthy addition to our everyday diet.

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  1. Lia says:

    There is quinoa in my yoghurt that I buy, how do I add quiona to my yoghurt?

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