Quinoa salad season has started

Here in the UK Summer has finally arrived. I know you can eat salads all year round but it always seems better and fresher in summer. Quinoa salads are a great addition to any meal as you can combine so many fresh ingredients with quinoa.

When I prepare a quinoa salad I always try to cook the quinoa ahead of time and cool it for 20 minutes before adding other ingredients. You can make a quinoa salad as simple or as complicated as you like but my favourite ingredients to include are

Sweet peppers
Fresh basil leaves
Spring onions.

There you go. One salad recipe straight off the top of my head. You simply add the ingredients to the cooled quinoa and serve. You can also store this for a day and take it to work for a great packed lunch.

I am experimenting a bit with pulses and quinoa. The combinations of flavours work very well. I particularly like mixing quinoa with chick peas and haricot beans. The crunchy mixes are very filling.

I do sometimes add balsamic vinegar ar other dressings but these are not needed because the quinoa flavour is good on its own anyway.

There is a full range on quinoa recipes in my complete guide to cooking quinoa which you can order here

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