Quinoa On The Menu in Cornwall

The year of quinoa 2013 has certainly brought quinoa into the mainstream. I was on holiday in Cornwall a few weeks ago and we visited Trebah Garden. The gardens are beautiful and quite unusual. The whole of the Garden site is on a slope and goes down to a private beach. I had to have a paddle in the sea it was so inviting. Anyway I digress.

Quinoa on the menuThey had a good cafe and had a Quinoa dish on the menu. See the picture for the listing. I didn’t order it which was silly really. I wasn’t  that hungry. But I did go and ask the girl serving the food how popular the quinoa dish was. She said that it was new on the menu but had already become one of  the most popular choices. Apparently their chef is always trying out new things.

What this means is that quinoa is becoming recognised by more people. It no longer brings odd looks and questions from people.

A Bit About Cornwall

Now about Cornwall. If you ever come to the UK, or if indeed you live here you have to go to Cornwall. I haven’t been for thirty four years apart from a visit to the Eden Project and it is my loss. We stayed in a village called Flushing which is near Falmouth. This part of the UK is quiet and idyllic. There were many coastal walks to be had and many pubs and restaurants to enjoy on the way.

It happened to be the Flushing Village Regatta 2013 on the week we went, so there was much fun and entertainment to be had. One evening there was a concert with two bands playing. One of them was a traditional Sea Shanty group of five singers. They were excellent as can be seen from the video I took the movie on my phone. Sorry it’s a bit shaky!

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