Quinoa Growing in Australia

There can be very few countries now that do not have quinoa grown in them. I know that the USA is already growing a huge amount. South american countries such as Bolivia, Colombia and Peru still supply the bulk of quinoa seeds to the market but that is going to change. Last week I wrote about quinoa being grown in Kenya.

Quinoa Field

Quinoa Field

Even I have grown it in my back garden. The picture from the article makes me want to have another quinoa growing season. I’ll get some seeds and get them in this month. The important thing to remember is that quinoa is easy to grow and is quite tolerant of both good and bad conditions. What it doesn’t like so much is strong winds as it will easily get blown over. Most varieties grow to 5 or six feet in height.

For full instructions on commercial growing for quinoa you find out more here. But it really isn’t hard. Follow the instruction for growing Spinach or Cabbage and you will be fine.

From a gift, up crops a new farming life

“She suggested the couple try planting the ancient South American seed crop commercially on their 237ha farm on rich red hills near Forth, south of Devonport, to meet growing demand for quinoa in health food shops. Lauran Damen, the son of Dutch farmers …”

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