Quinoa Growing At the Eden Project

Last August my wife and I were on holiday in Cornwall. I have always wanted to visit the Eden project in Cornwall and this was my chance to fulfill that dream. If you are ever in this part of the world you should visit this project. The two main bio domes are full of plants from around the world. Many of the plants were new to me.
I was surprised to see a growing trial in the dry dome for quinoa. They had about ten quinoa plants growing. They also had some other plants labelled as Amaranth, although I could not tell the difference between them. The quinoa seeds looked to me like they were about four weeks away from being ready to harvest. The plaque in the video below has these words.

Chenopodium quinoa
This sacred grain of the Incas was once so revered that the Incan emperor broke ground with a golden spade to plant the first seed of the year. Its protein is of such high quality that it competes nutritionally with meat. Although sold as an import in health food stores, it is only grown in the UK as food and ground cover for pheasants.

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