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Quinoa Cookbook - Print EditionThe Quinoa Cookbook has been published. It went to print on 2nd December 2009. The original download version has sold 1000’s of copies over the last 8 years.
Many people have asked me to put it into print as they much prefer to have a physical book in their hands.

The printed quinoa cookbook contains the following.

70 quinoa recipes
The Seven Day Quinoa Diet
The Quinoa Flour and Flakes Recipes
12 Articles including one on Sprouting Quinoa

I know I will be asked this – Are the 2 versions the same?
There is one recipes missing from the printed edition that I do not have the rights to.
There are some extra recipes in the print version to replace this one and add a few new recipes to some sections.

Order your Copy by clicking the link below
Buy The Quinoa Cookbook as a Printed Book- Click Here

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  3. Eli Herman says:

    Amazing guide and hints. Looking onward to burn a couple excess pounds. I’ll give some feed-back soon after i try this. Thanks a lot!

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