Quinoa as part of a weight loss diet

I have used Quinoa in my own weight loss diet with great success. Because Quinoa is such a complete food and is very filling you do not need to eat a lot of it to feel satisfied.

The Diet I have been on includes quinoa in the route to management phase in week three. I found this very helpful because quinoa is such a substantial ingredient compared with all the other foods I was allowed. Don’t get me wrong – I love all the fruit and veg but Quinoa has a sort of light nutty taste which adds a bit of texture to otherwise bland foods.

Because the carbohydrates in Quinoa are slow releasing you do not get a rush of energy like with other foods. Quinoa is classed as a vegetable protein which is very easy to digest.

So Quinoa tastes good and is great in a weight loss diet for making you feel full.

You can read more about my weight loss on the lighter life diet on my other blog. This is a diary of what is happening on my diet and a record of what I am eating.

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