My Quinoa Sank To The Bottom

Baked QuinoaLast week I posted a recipe for Baked Quinoa and Fresh Vegetables. This week I decided to be a bit more adventurous and try the recipe out with red quinoa grains. I followed the recipe closely and was careful to ensure that I did exactly the same as I had done with the normal cream quinoa grains. But the end result was not the same. After the baking process all looked well. There was a nice brown coating to the top of the baked quinoa mix and I was looking forward to my dinner.
When I sliced and served out the bake I could see that all the quinoa had sunk to the bottom. When I had used the cream quinoa some of it had sunk to the bottom but not all of it. This result was a bit like a fruit cake where all the fruit has sunk to the bottom.
The quinoa bake still tasted very good but it should have been better combined. I have hidden a picture of this at the bottom of the page. The question is why did this happen?
I have come up with two possible causes. Firstly, it might be that I didn’t cook the quinoa for long enough and it wasn’t light and fluffy as it should be. This would make it heavier in the mixture. The second possible cause is that red quinoa is more dense than cream quinoa and will not float in the mixture. I am out and about for a few days promoting my new book so it will be a while before I can experiment a bit more.

Quinoa Bake

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  1. Hi Ken, I am starting the 4 hour diet sunday. I noticed there seems to be a lot of conflicting information about it now. The book says one thing but some sites state new information, for example, on cheat day you have to eat the regular diet breakfast then you can start cheating at lunch? Anyway, I just want to do this right. How did it work out for you? I noticed your meals were spread out past four hours. Did you consider it a successful plan for you?

  2. Ken says:

    Hi Donald
    Having followed the diet I can say that it works. For me the weight loss slowed down to a pound a week after 5 weeks. It is not a sustainable diet for the rest of your life in my humble opinion.

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