Le Cordon Bleu Paris Celebrates Quinoa 2013

Word is getting out around the world about the Year oF Quinoa 2013. The highly renowned cooking gurus at Le Cordon bleu in Paris welcomed a peruvian delgation recently. See the article below. Here in the UK I have seen quinoa used as an ingredient on numerous television programs including the well known Saturday Morning Kitchen. There is still some mystery in some people’s mind about how to cook quinoa. This will reduce as quinoa is shown to be very easy to use and can be adapted in many uses and many quinoa recipes.

Celebrating quinoa

“Celebrating quinoa at Le Cordon Bleu Paris The United Nations has decreed 2013 the “Year of Quinoa” in recognition of the natives who have maintained, controlled, protected and safeguarded quinoa as an important and nutritious grain for both today’s …”


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