How to cook quinoa in a rice cooker.

You can cook quinoa in a rice cooker in the same way as you can rice. The quinoa will come out slightly softer than cooking on a hob. If you like your quinoa crunchy then using a rice cooker will not suit you.

To stop the quinoa sticking to the pan, lightly spray the inside with cooking oil.
Rinse the quinoa in cold water and place in the rice cooker pot.
Use one parts quinoa to two parts water.
Put the pot into the rice cooker and cover with the lid.
Cook for about 20 minutes.
If your rice cooker has a “keep warm” setting you can leave the quinoa in the cooker until you are ready to serve it.

Cooking tip. You can substitute vegetable stock for the water. You can also mix in fresh sage or basil to the quinoa to add some bite to the flavour.

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