How Do You Cook Quinoa?

The question I get asked more than any other is "How do you cook quinoa?" There is actually no mystery to it at all. But the fact that quinoa has a funny sounding name and is not a regular grain in our kitchens seem to make people worry about going wrong.

The guide below is a very simple pictorial guide to cooking quinoa that is very helpful indeed. 

How to Cook Quinoa | Snapguide

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Once you have cooked your quinoa in the way shown above you can cool it and add it to salads. You can also add it to stir fry dishes such a chilli or bolognaise. It will add more texture to any sauce or casserole. 

Quinoa does have its own flavour but it also takes on the flavour of the food that you cook it with. On its own it can be a bit bland. But mix it up with spices and herbs and it tastes really good.


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