Can you cook quinoa with only 1 saucepan

The simple answer is yes. But you have to plan your meal to work around this cooking method for quinoa.

Method one for one pot quinoa cooking

Quinoa can be included in soups where you do not need to prepare the quinoa by pre boiling it. You simply include it with your other soup ingredients and the process of cooking the soup will also cook the quinoa thoroughly. You have to know ahead of time the ingredient quantities. You will get these from quinoa recipes or from experience of using quinoa.

Method two for one pot quinoa cooking

You can cook quinoa in pilaf/risotto type dishes. Using a frying pan wok you again cook all the ingredients together in the way you would with rice. The ingredients would slowly absorb the stock or water in the pan the leave a nice fluffy quinoa pilaf dish with whatever ingredients you have added.


You will need to cook these quinoa recipes for long enough to cook through the quinoa – about 10 – 15 minutes. I usually cook for 20 minutes using these methods.

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