Bolivia Sees Quinoa Production Double in Ten Years

Since quinoa became the trendiest organic seed you could eat all sorts of people are talking about it. Last week I read in a US paper website that there were problems with quinoa growing in Bolivia. This week I came across the article below that refers to problems but concludes that there are none. In fact Bolivia is riding a huge wave of popularity for one of its greatest exports.

Quinoa FarmerAlong with this good news is the bad news. The trade price for quinoa has tripled in the last 6 years. Surely this is a desperate state of affairs for a grain that promises food security for many nations. Already the growing trials in Africa are showing good results. It is already growing in many other countries around the world. The fact that quinoa is so easy to grow and that it is so completely nutritious would make me hope that bigger production would bring a lower price.

As this is the United Nations Year Of Quinoa I think they should try to reverse this trend and bring the trade cost down worldwide.

Quinoa: How Bolivia’s ‘Mother Of All Grains’ Became Hottest Organic Craze

“Popular in the U.S., Northern Europe and Australia, quinoa and its nutritious benefits go far beyond a simple organic trend. The U.N. recently launched the International Year of the Quinoa, saying the plant could help boost food security globally as …Worldcrunch”

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  1. Ads says:

    Hi Ken

    Interesting article, especially reading that the trade price of Quinoa has tripled in the last six years. I suppose its like everything else in the world. The price just keeps on rising.

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