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You Seen The Quinoa Recipe – Here’s The Movie

I put this video up on you-tube a few days ago and it has proved very popular from day one. Its the same quinoa flakes recipe I wrote about last week but I know many people like the visual presentations … Continue reading

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Quinoa Flakes Fruit and Nut Bar

This quinoa snack bar has proved to be one of the most popular in the Quinoa Cookbook. This is a simpler version of the recipe. When the book is updated this will replace the original version. Recommended ReadingquinoaClassic Quinoa and … Continue reading

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Quinoa seems to be disappearing from the shelves

I buy most of my quinoa in my local Tesco supermarket. It is not my favourite brand of quinoa but it is convenient. The other day I was going to buy some and there was none on the wholefoods shelf. … Continue reading

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