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Quinoa Flakes Fruit and Nut Bar

This quinoa snack bar has proved to be one of the most popular in the Quinoa Cookbook. This is a simpler version of the recipe. When the book is updated this will replace the original version. Recommended ReadingquinoaClassic Quinoa and … Continue reading

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Ultimate Health Cookie Recipe – Quinoa Cookies

I found this recipe yesterday on the healthy girl website The website owner Leanne was good enough to let me publish it here. Here’s a great recipe for an Ultimate Healthy Cookie: Ingredients * 1 cup flour (recommended mix of … Continue reading

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How to cook with quinoa flour

Quinoa flour is a processed form of quinoa. It looks like standard wholemeal flour but cannot be simply substituted for it. This is because the make up of the grain is quite different to wheat grain. To make recipes with … Continue reading

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