What you eat with quinoa makes it good for GI diet

Quinoa is a good healthy food in and of itself. But it remains very good for people on the GI diet because of the way it easily mixes and complements fruit and vegetables.

For example I regularly mix quinoa with a pile of fresh veg for a salad or spicy stir fry. The point is that with care all the added ingredients have a low GI. Assuming you are already shopping with low glycaemic index in mind you can happily throw in anything you have to hand and enjoy it safe in the knowledge that the GI will be nice and low.

The other point to make is that quinoa somehow goes better with healthy food and poorly with things like chocolate, sugar and other bad foods.

I am on the GI diet to maintain my weight loss and hopefully lose a bit more. Because I focus on low GI foods as my staples it becomes very easy to create recipe variations for these foods will very little imagination and a bit of flair.

I can order low GI at all my favourite restaurants as I have learnt over the last 5 months what I am allowed to eat on the GI diet. If there is part of the menu I ask for more salad as a replacement. The chef is always very happy to oblige – I think they like the challenge. For example ordering a veggie dish that is completely healthy apart from the cheese. Ask for it without the cheese and most chefs will enjoy the variation and chance to do a special.

I also like to vary menu’s so that I know that the meal has been especially cooked for me and wasn’t keeping warm on a hob somewhere. I must be very difficult to please. But I am not going to jeapordise my diet for anyone. I have just realised that I have never seen quinoa on a restaurant menu. Now there’s a challenge for someone!

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2 Responses to What you eat with quinoa makes it good for GI diet

  1. sally larhette says:

    I have enjoyed Quinoa until last winter.

    Alergic reaction..itching.

    I am senior .


  2. Ken says:

    Hi Sally
    That is very unusual. Quinoa is known as a non allergienic food. Most people can eat it with out a problem.
    Obviously I don;t know you and your diet but you will certainly need some medical expertise to help you identify the problem
    Good luck

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