Could you base a weight loss diet on Quinoa?

Because I eat quinoa all the time and because I have lost a lot of weight people are beginning to make a connection between the two. I haven’t actually lost weight directly because of the quinoa but I have found it very helpful in maintaining my weight loss. It is tasty and filling and has become a large compnent of what I eat.

I have turned my thoughts to whether you could base a weight loss regime on quinoa and I think it would be possible. The only downside is that you could get bored with it after a few weeks unless you become a bit of a quinoa fanatic like me.

What makes quinoa so suitable for this is the fact that you do not need a lot of it to feel full. Quinoa is a natural food that takes time to be digested so you feel satisfied for longer.
You could include fresh vegetables and fruit to keep the calorie count down.

I know you would lose a few pounds per week by cutting out all processed foods and carbohydrates. The other thing to omit would be meat protein – all the protein you would need can come from the quinoa. So it is possible to base a weight loss diet on quinoa.

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  3. sergio says:

    From what I understand, quinoa is great for weight maintenance. SO once you reach what you believe is an ideal weight, then using quinoa as part of your diet helps you maintain the weight. What makes quinoa great is the high protein content (your body registers this as good food, making you feel more satisfied) and also the bulk (2/3 water). The fiber you are right helps to slow down digestion and makes you feel fuller longer. What actually happens is that quinoa releases its energy slower for a longer time. This avoids sugar spikes (which trigger fat creation) and also helps avoid cravings (because your body has a steady stream of energy).
    Using quinoa as a base in a variety of recipes helps not to get tired of it. We have even gone to the extent of mixing it with brown rice (or in pizzas!)

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