The International Year Of Quinoa – 2013

The International Year Of Quinoa – 2013

The article below was the first time that I heard about 2013 being announced as the international year of Quinoa. You will be hearing a lot more from me about this so watch this space. 

The recognition that quinoa is getting is fully deserved. It should be at the forefront of tackling poverty. It is easy to grow and is tolerant of both poor and rich growing conditions. Obviously the crop will be better with good growing conditions. If I can growing in the south of england with frosts and lots of rain I am sure it will tolerate other climates.

It originates from South America where the local climate is utterly different from my own.

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International Year of Quinoa

 As well as being very easy to grow, Quinoa is full of vitamins and nutrients that help your body heal.It can sustain you without the need to eat meat as it is a complete protein.

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