The Four Hour Body Diet – Quinoa Mystery Continues

Well after 21 days on the Four Hour Body Diet I have reached some conclusions. First of all I can say that you will lose weight on this diet. I do not think I will lose the 20lbs in 30 days that Tim Ferris promises but that was no surprise. I have however lost a respectable 10 lbs in 21 days.

Here is how the weight loss has gone.

Week 1 – 4 days on diet – lost 6 pounds. Then had the required binge day.

Week 2 – 6 days on the diet – lost 2 pounds. Second binge day.

Week 3 – 6 days on the diet with quinoa on four days – lost 2 pounds. Third binge day.

So it looks like I will lose around 2 pounds a week on the Tim Ferris Diet. This is just the right amount. Not too fast so that I crave other food. Not so slow that I give up.

The Four Hour Body Diet – Quinoa Mystery.

The Four Hour Body Diet

Those who read the previous post about the four hour diet and quinoa will remember that the author said that quinoa was not a permissible food on his diet. You can eat it on the binge day but not on the diet days. As one of quinoa’s main benefits is that it is a protein and a slow carb I was puzzled to see why it is excluded. My weight loss experiment whilst not very scientific show that eating quinoa is not stopping me losing weight. If I continue for a few more weeks and lose 2 lbs each week I will be satisfied with that. For me I will include quinoa in the normal way.

What About The Binge Day?

I understand the thinking about the binge day and it does help you to know that you can go wild one day a week. The Biggest Loser Show had a top trainers tip this week which talked about having a “Day Off” once a week. I found myself thinking about what I would eat on Saturday from Wednesday onwards. I must think about food more than I realised. As someone who eats pretty healthily I do not want to stuff myself with burgers and chips on binge day. I wouldn’t eat that anyhow. So I have eaten my normal foods with perhaps a cake or a pudding as an extra. I put on 4 pounds after the binge day this week. It takes some faith to believe this will fall of by Monday as Tim Ferris says. For me it takes till Wednesday and then there are 3 days left to lose extra weight.

Do I Recommend This Book?

I was asked by someone whether I was recommending this book. I read constantly and as I have the first book The Four Working Week, I was always going to buy this one. The Four Hour Body Diet is clearly well researched and full of great ideas. Some of the suggestions and plans for muscle building had me scratching my head with wonder. The book as a whole is best taken for the parts you want – If you read it from cover to cover then you will not get the best from it. Tim Ferris suggests this approach himself in the book. I still haven’t been brave enough to read the chapters on Better Sex.

So if you are buying to build muscle and great abs then just read those parts. If you want to try the 4 Hour Body Diet then you only have about 4 chapters to read – the first 2 and the 2 that specifically explain the diet. The writing style is not to my taste but the content is good so I do recommend this book.

More details about the Four Hour Body Diet Here

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3 Responses to The Four Hour Body Diet – Quinoa Mystery Continues

  1. Errin says:

    Thank you for bringing up quinoa in relation to the 4 Hour Body book! I have been following the diet sans meat for 8 months now with a result of 30 lbs & 4 dress sizes-lost. However, since I’m a vegetarian I’m getting completely overloaded on lentils for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I’ve avoided quinoa because Tim blacklisted it, but if you’re saying that you ate it without detriment to your 4 Hour Body I’ll give it a try! Again, thanks!

  2. Ken says:

    Hi Errin

    Well done on your fantastic weight loss, very inspiring.
    I had no problem adding about 100 gms quinoa per day to the diet. I am not sure what Tim Ferris has against quinoa. To me it is an obvious thing to include in the diet. And it gives you a break from all the gas (wind) produced from lentils etc.


  3. ace says:

    I can’t understand the exclusion of quinoa either. There’s no way I’m going to stop eating such an amazing food. Honestly, the exclusion seems kind of arbitrary…I think if Ferriss were a vegetarian/vegan he would have made more of an effort to test various grains to see if some of them were “special” and should not be lumped in with the others. It’s much easier to just issue a blanket statement to “avoid grains.” Also, why on earth are Irish oats excluded? And his whole “no fruits” thing seems to be based on his own single-person anecdotal evidence (that his iron levels spiked when he consumed orange juice), from which he concluded that fruits are verboten, and then rationalized it by saying that Northern Europeans would not have had access to fruits in the winter anyway. Uh…okay…but what about people living closer to the tropics and subtropics? They ate/eat fruit all the time. I think the real problem Tim had with orange juice is that it is a processed, chemical-laden laboratory stew. Had he eaten whole, low-glycemic, fiber-rich fruits (especially berries!) he may have had a different experience. The water, fiber, and vitamins present in fruit are surely a fair trade-off for the fructose (in moderation, at least).

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