Quinoa with herbs and nuts

This recipe was taken from a packet of Granovita quinoa. This quinoa recipe demonstrates one of the 4 cooking methods for quinoa very well because you do not need to pre-cook the quinoa.


1 1/2 cups granovita organic fairtrade quinoa
1 cup cashew nuts
2 courgettes
bunch of spring onions
olive oil
sea salt


Wash the onions and chop the green part into small pieces.
Scrub the courgettes, remove the ends and chop into small chunks.
Grill the nuts for a few minutes in a dry pan.
fry the courgettes and the green of the onions in the oil, stirring continuously
When the vegetables are well cooked, add the quinoa, the cashew nuts and a teaspoon of thyme.
Add salt and mix until the quinoa has absorbed all the moisture.
Place the white of the onions (whole) in the frying pan and pour in 3 glasses of water. Do not stir.
Leave to simmer for 20 minutes over a gentle heat.
Garnish with fresh parsley and serve hot.

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