Quinoa seems to be disappearing from the shelves

I buy most of my quinoa in my local Tesco supermarket. It is not my favourite brand of quinoa but it is convenient. The other day I was going to buy some and there was none on the wholefoods shelf.

This can mean one of 2 things.
1. So many people are buying it that they have run out
2. They have discontinued it.

I hope it is the first option. I already have to buy quinoa flakes and quinoa flour online. I hope I do not have to buy standard quinoa this way as well.

The brand I prefer is Granovita which comes from Bolivia. It is farmed under Fairtrade rules and regulations which means the people who produce it get a fair wage. You can buy Granovita from Holland and Barratt and Sainsburys in the UK. Just occasionally they stock Red Quinoa which seems to have a bit more bite than the plain quinoa.

The quinoa I really want to get my hands on is Black quinoa. This is rarely seens outside the countries it is grown on . They obviously want to keep it all to themselves. If you find a good new source of quinoa put a comment on this blog and then I can let others know.

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  1. davidjaldred Aldred says:

    I love organic quinoa and only recently discovered organic red quinoa, when on holiday in Cyprus. I brought some back but I’ve run out and now I’m discovering that it isn’t available here – organic or not. What’s going on?

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