Quinoa salad served up in a restaurant in the UK

Last weekend I went on a weekend break to center parcs at longleat. On the menu at the sports cafe was a salad with chicken, avocado and quinoa. I had to order it just to see what was served up to me. It was delicious but I could have done with a bit more quinoa in the salad. The quinoa was mixed in with the salad leaves with some sliced onion and cucumber. This was used as a base for the chicken pieces and sliced avocado.

This was all very healthy for me as everyone else around me was ordering burger and chips. I was the only one eating healthily. I felt positively angelic!

I am very curious to know of any other quinoa recipes being served up in cafes and restaurants. Put a comment on this post if you have been served quinoa when eating out.

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