Quinoa Nutrition Facts

The first thing to say about quinoa is that it is a seed, not a grain. The plant grows to about 2 metres high and the seeds are born on flower clusters. The leaves can be eaten like spinach and in fact quinoa and spinach come from the same plant group. The most common type is the cream coloured quinoa but you can also buy red quinoa. The quinoa I grew last year was the rainbow variety which had a range of brown and dark red quinoa seeds.

Quinoa Nutrition Facts

Quinoa has long been a favourite for vegans because it has all nine essential amino acids supplements. Lysine in particular in crucial for repairing the body and bringing recovery to your body.. It also contains magnesium ,iron, copper, phosphorus and magnesium. What this all means in layman’s parlance is that it has one of the highest concentrations of these elements in the plant world.

Quinoa carbohydrates are slow releasing which means that it satisfies your hunger for longer. For diabetics this is ideal as you can maintain the correct blood sugar levels for longer with high level carbohydrates such as quinoa.

Quinoa is almost a “complete” food and was used by the Incas tribe by mothers while pregnant as well as when nursing infants. (It is thought to help improve the quality of milk mothers produce while feeding). Quinoa has plenty of Calcium, Fat, Iron and phosphorous and a high amount of vitamin B2.

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Sprouted Quinoa Nutrition Facts

Sprouted quinoa has more fibre because the seed germ has sprouted from the seed. This germ gives a good level of fibre when cooked in the standard way. When it is sprouted the fibre is more because of the large white sprout. You can mix sprouted quinoa with chopped raw vegetables for a healthy salad full of fibre and goodness.

Adapted from The Quinoa Cookbook

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9 Responses to Quinoa Nutrition Facts

  1. Sarah says:

    Yum!! I love Quinoa, and it’s protein content % is so good compared to grains like rice etc. Didn’t know it was in fact a seed! And in Chinese Medicine it’s very therapeutic.

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  3. Tina A. says:

    quinoa nutrition is the best for natural weight loss and I must say it’s truly easy to prepare. I mix it with veggies, poultry and seafood.

  4. Lorna Baker says:

    I tried quinoa for the first time yesterday. It was simple to make in the microwave and then I just mixed it with some prepared brocolli. Today I just threw some in as I was reheating vegetable soup. I really do like it and am looking forward to trying some other recipes

  5. Jan P. says:

    Quinoa is so versatile. One of my favorite ways to consume it is Mexican-style: salsa, cheese, black olives, and everything else…..yummy!

  6. maria A says:

    I really like quinoa, I prepare it with chopped onions, garlic, spinach, dash of soy sauce and turkey bacon for some added protein.

  7. Margaret Schneider says:

    My husband and I discovered Quinoa some time ago, and liked it better
    than rice for our main meal. Now we have some weight issues, and as
    I was looking on my computer I discovered your website.
    Thank you so much for your passion to bring Quinoa out of the shadows.
    Your cookbook is fantastic!!!
    Margaret and John

  8. Margaret Schneider says:

    Quinoa is fantastic, and we enjoy it very much.
    Thank you for your passion for bringing this seed
    out of the shadows!!

  9. Mary T says:

    I hate to throw anything away. After I made juice last night I thought, I’m not throwing this pulp away. I always put a little into my juice but I have always hated throwing the other out. So, this morning I mixed my carrot, apple pulp with some spices, garlic, and red onion with my quinoa and fried it in olive oil and had my own home-made veggie burger. It was wonderful. Now, no more pulp will be thrown out.

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