Over 10,000 youtube views of our quinoa videos

Nine months ago I shot some footage of my wife cooking quinoa. The reason for this was to show people clearly how to cook quinoa. Little did I know how many people would be interested in these quinoa videos. If you add the view counts of the 2 videos they number over 10,000. This is to me quite incredible.

It just demonstrates how many people are concerned about eating healthily in these days. So guess what I am going to do now? I am going to film a few more quinoa videos and see how they do. What I will film are some of the best quinoa recipes from my book the Complete Guide To Cooking Quinoa. People who are newly discovering this superb grain/seed are still a bit afraid of really trying things out in the kitchen with it. I hope to show a number of versatile ways that you can cook with quinoa.

You can see the videos on the QUINOA VIDEO PAGE – Click here to view.

If you want to know when these quinoa videos come out just click on the square orange button at the top of the page and follow the instructions.

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My name is Ken and I am the author of The Quinoa Cookbook. My book is the top selling book worldwide on how to cook quinoa and has over 70 quinoa recipes included.
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