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Flax Benefits and HealthRegular visitors will know that I have been working for some time on a new book about Flax – also called Linseed. Well the download edition is complete and on sale at I am obviously very pleased to have finished the book and to see it selling.

The book covers the benefits of flax and how it can change your health. Like Quinoa it is a seed. Unlike quinoa you can’t just throw flax seed into a recipe and forget it. There are a few example recipes in the last section to get you started cooking with Flax.

Flax seeds offer many health advantages and they are easily suitable for everyday use. The health benefits of adding flax seed to your diet are many and varied, yet it remains largely unused by the majority of the populace.

Nutritionists believe it should be an essential part of our diet. Nutritionists and food enthusiasts alike are starting to realize the important role of flax, which is also sometimes known as Linseed.

In recent decades, many people have begun to eat far too much ‘bad’ fat and not nearly enough ‘good’ fat. This has led people to believe that eating any fat at all must be bad for them.

Unfortunately, our bodies require certain amounts of balanced fats in our diets in order to maintain optimal health. Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids can actually help to balance an imbalanced diet. This is especially true of those people who tend to consume far too many omega-6 fatty acids.

While our bodies require both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as essential factors of good health, recent studies by the National Institute of Health have shown that Americans tend to consume more than 10 times the amount of omega-6 fatty acids than omega-3 fatty acids. This is largely due to the high amount of processed foods in today’s ‘normal’ diet.

This kind of imbalance can create a huge number of serious health problems, chronic diseases and health risks. The sad news is that many of these can be easily corrected and properly balanced.

Flax can play an active role in helping us to ward off health problems like heart conditions, inflammation and strokes. It even helps in the fight against cancer and diabetes, plus a number of other health benefits.

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