Eating Healthy Grains Like Quinoa and Farro

Eating Healthy Grains Like Quinoa and Farro.

Eating healthy food and grains in particular is not theory. It is something you have to do. And yet there are many who seem to think that talking about eating healthily is the thing. So they talk the hind leg off a donkey and yet do not eat any grains. Eating quinoa and other healthy grains is a participation sport. You have to do it to get the benefits.

My Quinoa Cookbook is very much focussed on simple recipes that you can make is a short time. This article is quite helpful in showing how to include grains into your diet. It also show the good things that eating grains will do for you. There is also a nice little quinoa recipe for you to try.

quinoa recipe

Guide to healthy grains: How to use farro, quinoa and more

"Try this delicious quinoa dish for a meatless protein punch. By Michelle Hainer By now you know that a diet full of whole grains is the gold standard for eating healthy. While you may want to incorporate these foods into your diet, a trip through the …"

This youtube video gives further background information on the basics of quinoa.


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